Holly and Hattie

On the 31st October 2009 we welcomed Holly and Hattie into our home.  Previously the cats were staying with their foster carer Kim in Amersham, Kim was part of the Cat and Kitten Rescue Charity team.

Holly and Hattie were 9-10 months old and each had already had a litter. That’s the only history we know. Kim wanted the cats re-homed together as she was convinced they were sisters. Initially they did look very similar, however, as the months passed this was clearly not the case. Hattie’s fur is so smooth like soft velvet, and the local vet thinks she is part Bengali, whereas Holly’s fur is quite different, much coarser and their facial shapes are different. Their personalities are quite different too. Hattie likes to sleep on the bed at night, and likes to wake us up every morning at 4am,  this is her routine, hmmmm. Holly is a  little more timid so she tends to sleep on the sofa. Both cats are delightful in their own special way.

For a year or so the cats and dogs lived happily together, sometimes Holly would bat Jeeves’s tail and, bless him, he didn’t mind at all…….. 

Sadly in 2011 and 2012 we lost the dogs,  We believe that Holly suffered a bit when Jeeves passed away in 2012, she would meow and rub herself where his bed used to be,, this behaviour lasted for about a month. 


As the years pass by cat life continues in the household, Harry their cat brother has been with us two years now, and all is ‘fairly’ calm,  they really do help to make a house a home…..our precious Fur Babies.


Jeeves visits the Vet

I spotted a lump on Jeeves’ shoulder which was diagnosed as a tumour. So Jeeves went off to the Vet hospital to have it removed.

Poor Jeeves. Little did he know what indignities he would have to put up with as he recovered. I had to find a way to prevent Jeeves from meddling with his wound. The normal plastic Cone-Of-Shame didn’t work properly as he always managed to dislodge it. 

So I put some old tee shirts to good use.

This wasn’t a very dignified solution and you can see that Jeeves was unimpressed, and he looks particularly glum in the French onion-seller’s t-shirt.

But the tee-shirts did the trick and Jeeves eventually returned to the Vet for his final inspection and discharge.

Paul was away in the Land Rover so I took Jeeves in my old two seater Mercedes SLK sports car. (Oh how I miss that little car.)

But Jeeves was very happy in the passenger footwell and everything turned out alright in the end.