Gator wins waggiest tail rosette

One of my more recent clients are a lovely American couple who have relocated to work in the UK for a couple of years and have set up home in Gerrards Cross.

The have brought with them Gator, their large, boisterous and extremely friendly Labrador, and his much more laid back feline companion Stratis

In the US pet owners tend to treat their dogs very differently to the UK owners. Dogs often live out in the Yard (garden to us) and some even stay out at night acting as guard dogs which means that they are only allowed into the house on special occasions. In the UK we tend to do things the other way around with the dog living in the house and only being let out for walks etc on special occasions.

In Gerrrards Cross Gator has adopted a hybrid US/UK lifestyle where he spends the day in the garden (he loves sunbathing)  and sleeps in the house at night.

Gator clearly loves this hybrid US/UK lifestyle. He recently came first in the Waggiest Tail contest at the Gerrards Cross dog show. He then came second in the Golden Oldie contest…Clever boy.