There be Dragons

Every so often when the owners go on holiday I care for Dave, the Bearded Dragon, and what a handsome fellow he is. His two favourite meals are large live locusts and meal worms, and not forgetting his daily fresh greens of course. He is a very lucky boy,  I think he prefers the locusts because he likes to watch them hop about in the aquarium before making a pounce, and boy is he quick. 

Dave loves to perch on his rock so he can keep a beady eye on things, and he certainly notices me when I enter the room, he kinda stands to attention, and his head turns towards me, eyes rolling.  He is one of my more unusual customers.

Dave shares the house not only with his human guardians but other pets as well, these being two gorgeous black cats Bob and Fred. As both cats are the same size, and jet black, you’d think it would be difficult to tell them apart. But no, as Bob only has three legs,  but that doesn’t hinder him at all, as both cats are very friendly and agile.

Also there are some beautiful tropical fish in a tank, I have to be extra careful when popping their food in as one of the fish is about 2-3 inches long, and wow in it’s anticipation of food fishy takes a leap so I need to be quick and make sure that the lid is firmly on. 

It’s always such a pleasure looking after this wonderful menagerie…..