Hearty breakfasts are essential

My Stay At Home Paws days are rarely the same. Often I’ll start just after nine o’clock with a couple of visits, typically to care for cats but often including all sorts of other animals including rabbits, hamsters, fish, chickens and lizards.

Mid-to-late morning is about the time that the once-a-day-visit dogs are getting ready/desperate for their morning walkies. These often run through to early afternoon by which time I’m also getting ready/desperate for my lunch.

I need a hearty breakfast before my daily rounds given my late lunches.  This is one of my favourites. Sausages, bacon, sweet potatoes, onions, black pudding and there’s a fried egg in there somewhere as well.

And ,,, I kid you not …. according to the Slimming World diet this breakfast is surprisingly good at keeping my weight in trim.

My good friend Denise assures me that this is true. So who am I to disbelieve her?