Festive Period 2017

Christmas and New Year is always a very busy time and this year has been no exception. What is different this time is that I’ve managed to take photos of some of the animal visits from over the festive period, and from earlier in the year.

The festive period didn’t start very well as not only was our road blocked by snow and ice and a fallen tree but dog walking was grounded because the pathways were too slippery.

Django and Deedee are two very lively Lakeland Terriers.  Mum and Son. They love their daily walks through Maltman Woods. These two livewires also live with four cats and four rabbits. A real Menagerie.

These gorgeous four cats and four rabbits are the chums of Deedee and Django. The cats are very friendly and enjoy lots of cuddles. Not only do they enjoy human affection but also share the ‘love’ between themselves. The bunnies are happy in their fabulous hutch which has different compartments and levels,  a real plush bunny pad

This pair of beauties are called Tippy and Tubbs,  I think they have the biggest tails in the world. These two love playing with their fluffy feathery toys. 

This friendly duo are called JoJo and Gaea. I just love that look on JoJo’s face, check out those huge eyes. think she was licking her lips in anticipation that food was about to be served. They look very inquisitive, cautiously peering through the banister in the second photo.

These two handsome boys are Douglas and Dexter, and wow, do they love their food. When we arrive at their home they are always waiting. it’s as if they can tell the time. Both cats like to meow too, they are quite chatty. As soon  as the food is in their bowls it’s all systems go.

This bundle of cuteness is Tessa, this photo was taken when she was about three months old, She is fully grown now just over a year.  She is a delightful doggy, loves every human and every dog. Loves her walks, and is definitely always ready for playtime.

I introduce you to Coco and Bubu, The first couple of pictures are of Coco, the last one is Bubu. They are stunning Siberian Cats. Coco is the younger cat and rather shy.  She enjoys playing peek a boo in the cat tree.  Bubu loves human attention, and relishes in being stroked, she poses so well for the camera.

Meet  the egg mold. This was a lovely gift from one of my cat ladies, Great isn’t it. The photos is our poached-egg-a-la-mog; not bad for a first attempt. The two slinky felines are Harvey and Layla. They are simply so stylish and elegant. I do chuckle at the last photo as here they are keeping an eye on everything from high up in their beds.

Elliott now isn’t he so adorable? Cuteness overload I say. A very cheeky happy chappy indeed.

The Dynamic Duo, Oscar and Tilly, are a pair of very special Cocker Spaniels,  Tilly joined Oscar a couple of years ago after his beloved pal passed away. This couple are great friends, and seriously enjoy their walkies.  Tilly (golden) loves to dig in the ground. Perhaps she’s looking for Truffles. 

Let me introduce you to my three poppets, Holly, Hattie and Prince Harry.  Holly and Hattie joined the household in October 2009. They were just under a year old and already had had a litter of kittens each. The lady at the cat rescue wanted them to be rehomed together as they had ‘helped each other’ with the kittens.

We welcomed Harry to the family in September 2015. The cat pack is settled. I have to say though, feeding times have to be carefully supervised as Holly can get quite greedy. They have a mixture of wet and dry food. They are definitely my Fur Babies.

Gator has featured in a previous Blog after he came first in the Waggiest Tail competition and second in the Golden Oldie contest. What a star! Here he is looking very happy to see me. tongue out in anticipation of play time. His best friend and house mate is Stratis the very regal cat. She is really into her yoga,  as you can see from this photo, in fact,, she’s sort of doing the Cat pose.


Unfortunately during Storm Dylan a large tree was blown down, right on top of the children’s trampoline. This is the family’s second tree blown down this winter. The first one flattened the fence which meant that Gator couldn’t roam free in the garden until it was repaired.

In this cat household their are three pussy cats, Molly, Tabitha and Dude,  So far I’ve been unable to take a decent photo of Molly as she tends to hide, and even if I do get one,  it’s just a blur of tabbiness. Dude is a stunning white colour, he loves some fuss and attention once he’s got used to you. Tabitha likes to sit in her basket either at the top of the stairs or in  the cradle over the radiator. I call her Lady Tabitha, just because, well, she is

Storm, a very gentle quiet elderly lady, We have known her since 2012,  She still loves to potter around the meadow near her house every day. The meadow is only a few metres from her home and it provides some marvellous views over Bulstrode Park. Storm is also very partial to a treat after her daily stroll.

Now, look at this bold boy, Louie. What a great character he is. He loves company and I can actually have a conversation with him. If I meow at him, he will meow back and so forth. In this photo we are in mid conversation, probably discussing the merits of Felix pouches.   😉

Jasper had only just recently returned from the salon here,  It looks like he had a kind of Number Three. Jasper, however, doesn’t look to impressed, but it was very much needed.  Jasper is very chatty too,  he likes to be out during the day, and in at night, straight after breakfast he sits by patio door to be let out, then later on he is waiting to come in. He is like clockwork.

Meet Crown Princess Maggie, what a stunner! This lovely lady is a Bernese Mountain Dog and she likes to spend time with Mary and Mike whilst her owners are on holiday.  Maggie feels very much at home with Mary and Mike and sometimes stays with them for up to two weeks at a time, Maggie will always have her beady eyes on the humans’ food, just waiting for any titbits that might just become available, Of course, she loves her walks, and also plenty of snuggles. She just oozes charm and character. Much loved by all.

Here is a sweet girl Poppy. She’s had a traumatic year due to renovations in her home. But these are now finished and Poppy is once again very happy cat.

The Festive Season wasn’t all work as I managed to squeeze in a good amount of play as well. Just before Christmas we were invited round to Rob and Katie’s new house when they hosted a family meal for ten. Good for them! Their rescue cat Adam is normally very elusive but on this occasion the stuffed pork leftovers proved to be too much to resist.

Sometimes after a long day and ALWAYS at the end of a busy Festive Season,  Paul and I treat ourselves to a glass of wine, and certainly over Christmas, one can’t beat a glass of Sherry.

Occasionally we even treat ourselves to a little Tom and Jerry in the kitchen whilst cooking. Paul (the saddo) has the complete collection of Tom and Jerry going back to the first episode released on February 10th 1940. In this first episode Tom and Jerry had different names. Jerry was originally called Jinx but who knows what Tom’s original name was? I’ll give you a clue: it is one of the cat names mentioned in this Blog.

These are just some of the delightful pets that I have the privilege of caring for.  All are very special to me, and certainly leave paw prints on my heart.