Jeeves visits the Vet

I spotted a lump on Jeeves’ shoulder which was diagnosed as a tumour. So Jeeves went off to the Vet hospital to have it removed.

Poor Jeeves. Little did he know what indignities he would have to put up with as he recovered. I had to find a way to prevent Jeeves from meddling with his wound. The normal plastic Cone-Of-Shame didn’t work properly as he always managed to dislodge it. 

So I put some old tee shirts to good use.

This wasn’t a very dignified solution and you can see that Jeeves was unimpressed, and he looks particularly glum in the French onion-seller’s t-shirt.

But the tee-shirts did the trick and Jeeves eventually returned to the Vet for his final inspection and discharge.

Paul was away in the Land Rover so I took Jeeves in my old two seater Mercedes SLK sports car. (Oh how I miss that little car.)

But Jeeves was very happy in the passenger footwell and everything turned out alright in the end.