A Slippery Garden Visitor

Paul was doing his usual weekly lawn mow, and, unexpectedly, he came  running into the house shouting “Gerri come outside quickly”. I thought “what on earth is going on”. Anyway it turned out that there was a snake on the lawn, about two feet long, and luckily our garden visitor had escaped the lawnmower. However, on closer inspection it appeared to have been bitten as there were bloody fang marks on its body. The cats were milling about and one looked particularly guilty 😉  So we believe that one of our cats had attacked the poor little creature.  Paul managed to grab his camera and take a couple of pictures.

We went onto Google and confirmed that our visitor is a Grass Snake and these reptiles are protected. Grass Snakes feed on amphibians and as we have a garden pond the snake’s presence made more sense. We managed to keep the cats at bay long enough to to enable our snake friend to escape. We kept an eye out for it for a while but alas never to be seen again. 

I hope the little fella managed to survive OK.

A few days later I told the story to our local shop keeper. She was horrified, and she told me a tale of when she was a child in India where a variety of snakes were commonplace. When I say she was horrified I’m not exaggerating as she has a deep fear of snakes.

I “think” I managed to reassure here that our snake was a harmless little soul.