Harry the new arrival

Harry the cat, or to address him by his formal name “Prince Harry”, is a rescue kitten to came to us in September 2015 from the Cat and Kitten Rescue Home in St albans. When we visited Harry at his foster home he was a very confident little 15 week old kitten but that changed when he was moved into our home. Confidence was converted into caution; lots of caution.

At first Harry cowered in the corner of a bedroom. There he stayed for over a week and refused all temptations to emerge.

But he gradually began to gain some confidence and came out to play. It’s easy to forget how small an 15 week kitten is. 

Of course Harry is much bigger now, and much more confident. In fact he is easily the most confident of our three cats. I’ll post some more up-to-date photos of Harry another time.